“If you don’t love it, I don’t get paid!”

I am so confident that you will be so completely satisfied, happy and thoroughly delighted with your Great lengths hair extensions I am willing to put my paycheck on the line!

Here’s how it works… After 2 weeks of enjoying all of the beautiful length, thickness, shine, and vibrant color the Great Lengths hair extensions provide if you are unhappy in any way, I will either correct the problem or remove your extensions and refund to you my fee for service. Not including the cost of the hair. In order to qualify for this refund you must have the extensions removed by me within the first 2 weeks.

I am the only stylist I know of who is willing to stand behind their work in this way.



Q: How does it work?

A: It is a method called “Modulating”. Small individual bonds slightly larger than a grain of rice are placed near your scalp that wrap around your existing hair. It is the safest most natural looking hair extension system available today.


Q: Is the hair real?

A: Yes. It is 100% real human hair from India. It is the finest healthiest hair you can buy.

Q: How long do they last in your hair?

A: I recommend you have them re done after 3 months.


You can go up to 6 months depending on your life style, hair type, and how well you take care of them.


Q: Will this damage my hair?


A: Yes… is is possible for you to have SOME MINIMAL thinning over time.

You need to know… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HAIR EXTENSIONS THAT DO ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE TO YOUR HAIR! (Unless they are temporary or clip-ins).


I am committed to is telling you the truth and if that means not getting as many clients, that is ok by me. I sleep better at night knowing I’m not cheating people by lying to them.


Here is where a lot of other stylists will lie to you.


If somebody tells you they have extensions that attach to your hair for months at a time that will do ZERO damage to your hair, GRAB YOUR CHECKBOOK AND RUN!


It is just not physically possible to have something attached to your hair for months at a time and have no effect on your hair. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it!


What I can offer you is THE SAFEST METHOD AVAILABLE. That is a claim I can make with ABSOLUTE CERTIANTY. If you are concerned about hair loss you need to stack the deck in your favor and go with me.


Not only do I use the safest hair and method possible I have the experience and distinctions necessary to avoid all of the major mistakes most other stylists make.




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