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Hair Extension Artist

Christopher Rutman

Why you should hire me…

Hair extensions are my specialty. I do them every week and I have yet to see hair extensions that look better than what I am doing. I don’t don’t say this to be bragadousious. The fact is, I just haven’t seen anything better.

When it comes to hair extensions, most salons will have one or two stylists that do some kind of hair extensions. When you call you might get a “Um… yeah I think we have somebody who does that” over the phone. Few stylists truly specialize in hair extensions. Of those who do specialize in extensions, there are an even smaller number of stylists that can do it well.

I have been a working behind the chair for 18 years and I have spent 11 of them as a member of the Sebastian global artistic team. I have taught hairdressing in over 75 cities across North America as well as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, England, Spain, and Holland. You will have a really hard time finding someone with an equal level of experience and expertise in all of Los Angeles.

No Kidding.

Listen, if you’re serious about enjoying all of the beautiful length, thickness, shine, and vibrant color your hair should have while having it done right by a highly qualified expert, this offer is your shortcut!

The next move is up to you.

I am only making this offer for a short time, so don’t miss out!
Take advantage while it lasts!
Call me for your risk free consultation,

(818) 887-3627

*Make sure you ask to book with me (Christopher) when you make your appointment! I am the only stylist at this salon who is making this $995 offer.

**You can also book with me online 24/7.

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