When Getting Hair Extensions, Is It Possible To Save A Little And Loose It All?

When you are shopping around for someone to do your hair extensions, saving a little money could cost you everything! Discount hair extensions too often come with “discount workmanship” and “discount quality.”


Getting the best available isn’t simply a matter of cost it is a matter of trust. The kind of trust you can only get by knowing you are dealing with a professional… someone who is a leader in the industry.


You want someone with years of experience and a keen understanding of all of the distinctions necessary to make you look the best you possibly can with your hair extensions.


When you know what’s out there, you will have a profound appreciation for the superior quality of work that I can offer you.


Allow me to guide you by helping you make an educated decision about what’s right for your hair.


Why you should hire me…

1. Safer Bonds: Great Lengths hair extensions are the safest and most gentle on the market. The bonds are are engineered to expand and contract just like your own hair.
2. Smaller bonds for better blending: When I apply your Great Lengths hair extensions you will get bonds that are custom tailored to blend to your hair so your hair extensions will look REAL!
3. Superior Color Quality: These colours will not fade like other brands of hair extensions. Great Lengths hair extensions use a patented textile dying process that gently colours the hair over a period of 15 days! Leaving the hair shiny, and healthy.
4. Superior hair quality: This is the finest quality 100% human hair available. Because the colour process is so gentle and the hair cuticle is all facing in the same direction.



strands1The cuticle on Great Lengths hair extensions points in the same direction, which makes the hair silky and manageable.

strands2Cheaper brands of extensions come from brushed hair. Where the cuticle will be facing opposite directions and will make the hair frizzy and unmanageable causing added stress to the hair.


This is the kind of work my “Competition” is turning out.

Here are a couple of typical examples of what you can expect to get from the discount stylists.

Just to note, I didn’t pick these examples out to show you the worst of the worst.These results are THE TYPICAL WORK OTHER STYLISTS DO. These are simple snapshots taken of people who have actually walked into my salon after having gone to someone else.



 This person came to me after she paid someone $1,800 for these sloppy hair extensions. This is how they looked after only 2 weeks! The bonds were big and clumpy, and they used large uneven sections. The bonds were placed at least 1 1/2 inches away from her scalp. Hair extensions are not supposed to grow down that far out for at least 18 weeks!

 Here is an example of another person who experienced a tremendous amount of hair loss due to sections that were too large, with cheap “brushed” hair that dragged on her brush and metal clips which pinched and tore out sections of her hair. Notice the very wide sections of hair that were taken, very dangerous for hair loss.



Now this is what it is supposed to look like… 



This is what a proper application looks like. The bonds are half the size, they are placed right against the scalp, the application is neat, and in small,even, sections.


Here’s what my clients have been saying about me…

“Phenomenal Stylist! He is an outstanding professional and provides remarkable customer service and caring” -Randy Osherow, Toluca Lake, CA

“Amazing Hair is what I have. My hair (extensions) looks so natural, NEVER BULKY. I love the way Chris makes my hair look! If you have never had hair extensions or are not happy with the way yours have been looking, you MUST CALL CHRIS!” -jjwels2012 Marina Del Rey CA

“Best hair extensions in the world! Chris has GOT to be I’ve ever had! His technique and great personality has me hooked as his loyal client! No Job too big or small, he has always worked with my schedule and my crazy demands with extensions. Chris is the ideal stylist to recommend what to do. -Nikita D., Encino, CA



So what is this going to cost me?

It isn’t cheap but few good things are…

 I have created this useful chart for you to determine your investment.

Price: (application + hair + haircut)

Number of bundles applied

12” Hair

16” Hair

18” Hair

(Great Lengths Only)

20” Hair

24” Hair

(Great Lengths Only)

























5 or more

Add $75 per additional bundle of hair

Add $83 per additional bundle of hair

Add $93 per additional bundle of hair

Add $107 per additional bundle of hair

Add $125 per additional bundle of hair


My Guarantee

I have full confidence that you will be so happy, satisfied, and thoroughly delighted by the service I have to offer that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is! Within two weeks (14 days) of your installation date; If for any reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied with your service I will either immediately address the issue and handle it to your satisfaction or refund your money for my fee! The only requirement is that the hair is removed from your head, by me, within 14 days of the application.

The stories I have heard of people getting hair extensions by other stylists and then coming back with an issue would turn your hair white!


Typically they disappear and leave you high and dry; or they continue to charge you extra to correct the work they couldn’t get right the first time!

Believe me when I tell you that you truly cannot afford to go to those other guys. I have been doing this full time for the past 12 years and I can say without a doubt; for the quality of workmanship and quality of the hair that I offer you will not find a better price any where else.


 Come and put me to the test!

Hair Extension ArtistMy personalized consultation is free. The next step is up to you. There is nothing to loose but one more day without the hair you have always wished for!

Call and book your consultation now!





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